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Used by Nike, Pfizer, the NBA and many others...

At Chick-fil-A on 9 Mile Road, we have discovered that leadership is not static but fluid. Therefore, we must have a leadership system that is capable of being flexible but duplicatable.


One of the most valuable tools for us in our leadership development is Situational Leadership (SLII®) developed and expressed by Ken Blanchard in Leadership and the One Minute Manager. This model of leadership has been used for over 40 years by many organizations outside of the food services industry, such as Nike, Pfizer, and the NBA, and by many within the industry, such as Panera Bread and Chick-fil-A.  It is built on three key skills that equip leaders to identify the developmental level of each individual in relationship to the situation and then provide tools to lead through one of the four leadership styles.


Our capacity to lead in this way brings clarity to ambiguity, precision and efficiency to goal setting, and objectivity in coaching and performance evaluations.  Overall the team will be more fully engaged and leadership will be consistent and reproducible throughout the organization.  In this training, we will learn and engage in practical real-world skills that are tailored made for our business that will increase our ability to develop and reproduce leaders within our organization.

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This is a required course for all participating in the FasTrak program.
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